Workforce Planning Group has partnered with ETS, the Educational Testing Service, to offer a comprehensive suite of employee assessments for both talent acquisition and workforce development. With nearly 10,000 people worldwide, including hundreds of psychologists and psychometrists, no other organization comes close to the resources that ETS can apply to employee testing and assessment. 

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WorkFORCE Assessment for Job Fit

This assessment measures key behavioral skills that predict workplace success. This 20 minute assessment is ideal as a screening assessment and can be attached to a candidate profile for consideration against multiple positions.

WorkFORCE Assessment for Job Interest

People perform best in roles of interest to them. This assessment, entirely unique to ETS, measures a candidate's personal interests and provides a high predictor of success for specific roles. This assessment is ideal as both a screening assessment and as a career and workforce development assessment.

WorkFORCE Assessment for Cognitive Ability

ETS's Cognitive Ability assessment is--simply put--the best cognitive ability assessment on the market. ETS brings decades of experience and resources and a history of testing millions of students to the task of employee cognitive skills testing. This assessment is most ideal as a recruiting tool in differentiating late-process candidates.

WorkFORCE Assessment for Career Development

ETS's Assessment for Career Development is a unique employee assessment tool that predicts workplace success from key behavioral skills. This assessment is ideal in workforce development and succession planning initiatives, but can also be successfully applied as a late-process recruiting tool.


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