Business English

Get Globally Competitive With ExecuTrain’s Business English for Non-Native English Speakers.

ExecuTrain’s Business English classroom training is based on our foundational courses VBS101ESL and VBS102ESL. These classes are designed for non-native English speakers who will work in English speaking and writing work environments, including customer service, help desk, outsourced and offshore support centers, engineering, construction, IT and software, logistics and distribution, and project-centric environments. These comprehensive courses pick up where academic English training leaves off, exposing students to practical topics in English speaking and writing workforce environments, such as phone etiquette, politeness and formality, professional writing and grammar, presentation skills, meeting standards, and much more.

Recognizing that classroom training is best reinforced with practical applications, ExecuTrain recently entered into an exciting partnership with Cambly. The result is our unique Business English course offering, “Business English Practical Applications with Cambly” (VBS100CAM). In this course, instructors review pertinent business topics in a classroom setting and assign practice scenarios to be conducted with Cambly language coaches in the coming week. This exposes the student to a diversity of native English speakers, and the instructor can review each student’s recorded session through the Cambly instructor’s dashboard to provide specific feedback. No other professional training company offers this highly effective course.

All of our Business English classroom training is offered as Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) over the Internet, accessible to students anywhere in the world at varying schedules to meet a variety of workday schedules. If time is short or your schedule is tight, we also offer an abridged version of the Business English classes that focus on the primary lessons offered in both courses. We can also create a custom class based on your needs or specific interests so you can learn exactly what you want to.