Workforce Planning Group's consultants have an average of 27 years of experience, graduate degrees and certificates from the likes of the Human Capital Institute and the storied Oxford All Souls College. Perhaps most importantly, we have practical experience working with mid-sized and Fortune 100 companies alike. Our Human Capital Management consulting practice works with businesses, non-profits, and government organizations in North America, Europe, and Asia. 

HR Consulting, Workforce Planning Group

HR and HCM Process Improvement

Workforce Planning Group's HR consultants have been utilized by organizations around the world to analyze and improve workforce management processes. From policy development to workforce development and succession planning initiatives, we are utilized to solve unique, hard-to-solve problems.

HR Compliance and Risk Management

Navigating the risk in labor management and HR compliance requires expertise and experience. Workforce Planning Group's HR consultants have saved our clients millions of dollars in compliance, labor, and legal mistakes. Our process usually starts with a situational assessment, but always results in significant return on investment.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Workforce alignment to business strategy doesn't happen accidentally. Applying a proven methodology not only results in efficiencies and greatly improved operational effectiveness, but also gains the organization a distinct competitive advantage. Workforce Planning Group's strategic workforce planning consultants are experts in driving successful implementation of SWP initiatives.

HR and Workforce Technology Planning

Today's business processes are driven by technology, and nowhere is this more prevalent than in workforce management processes. From candidate sourcing, through recruiting and onboarding, and into employee life cycle management, data flows between systems and people. Workforce Planning Group's consultants apply proven methodologies to help you source, implement, and manage HR technology with measurable ROI.

Talent Acquisition Process Improvement

A single bad hire can be catastrophic to many small to mid-sized organizations. Workforce Planning Group's consultants can help you implement a talent acquisition program that is both aligned to business strategy and that delivers the best, most appropriate and most capable employees possible, even in hard-to-fill strategic roles. 


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