HR Legal Helpdesk

The TSG HR help desk gets you HR and employment legal support when you need it. Two levels of support are offered, both giving you access to our comprehensive document library and access to our labor experts.

Features of Help Desk Basic:

  • Access to our 800 number help desk
  • Basic legal "yes" or "no" employment, contract, and labor support
  • Access to our specialty advocates (unemployment, fraud, drug testing, safety, workplace violence, etc.)

Features of Help Desk Plus:

  • All features of Help Desk Basic, and:
  • 1-800 employee hotline
  • Access to our document library of 2,300 employment documents (handbooks, job descriptions, contracts, forms, etc.)
  • Quarterly web-based training (HR101, conflict management, turnover management, harassment, etc.)
  • Enhanced access to our legal team for contracts, contract review, NDAs, and general legal guidance.


Call for more information: 1-678-736-1848