Start-to-finish, our web-based onboarding solution saves companies countless hours and thousands of dollars. No redundant forms. No paperwork! Automate your onboarding checklist with EHX

From helping employees with paperwork to answering questions to managing compliance requirements and updates, companies waste thousands of man-hours every year.

Onboarding is, unquestionably, the most critical stage of employee enrollment, both for new hires as well as for employers. Hiring entities face an enormous burden throughout the process, from ensuring deduction accuracy on W-4 forms to integrating and maintaining direct deposit and benefits information. Furthermore, simple yet avoidable mistakes cost thousands of dollars in regulatory penalties.

If you are tired of wasting valuable resources and chasing paperwork, we have the perfect solution.

How does wasted time impact companies? In addition to opportunity costs, there is an adverse impact on both client satisfaction and retention. Fortunately, change is just a phone call away. With EHX, the entire process of paperwork completion, maintenance, and storage and reporting can be seamlessly automated.

There’s a reason why staffing firms, restaurant groups, multi-state corporations and employees unequivocally endorse us: EHX is a complete, easy-to-use solution for complex on-boarding needs.

Much like automated tax preparation software, our intuitive and customizable online interview module asks employees a few simple questions to determine form requirements. EHX goes a step beyond and hand-holds and guides new hires through the entire process, step-by-step.

EHX Onboarding takes care of it all:

  • All State and Federal Forms (W-4, State W-4, I-9, etc)
  • Company Specific Forms and Policies
  • Position Specific Forms
  • Integrated Background Screening Options
  • Integrated Pay Card Options
  • WOTC
  • And more …