Start to finish, our web-based, EHX hiring solution saves companies countless hours and thousands of dollars. No redundant forms; no paperwork!

We can implement an a la carte solution for New Hire Onboarding, the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), Applicant Tracking (ATS), or I9 and Everify. Or, if your company needs our fully integrated solution, we can provide the entire EHX package to your organization.

New Hire Onboarding: Enter Once, Populate Many Forms

There’s a reason why staffing firms, restaurant groups, multi-state corporations and employees unequivocally endorse us: Efficient Hire is a complete, easy-to-use solution for complex on-boarding needs. Learn more about our employee onboarding solution.

Assets@Work Employee Asset Provisioning and Management

With Assets@Work, employers can ensure that all employees have the material assets they need to do their jobs, from day 1 until retirement. Assets@Work is a full employee lifecycle employee asset provisioning and management application. Learn More

WOTC: Simplifies the Process and Maximizes Your Credit

Many companies have not taken advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit due to the complexity of the forms and certification process. EHX WOTC has removed that barrier. Our easy to follow plain English interactive Question and Answer process completes the required forms (8850 and 9061) in good order every time. Learn more about the EHX Work Opportunity Tax Credit automation.

ATS: A Simple Paperless Option or Full Featured Applicant Tracking System

If you’re searching for a robust applicant tracking solution, look no further. Our mobile friendly solution is built for all industries and integrates seamlessly with common job boards like Indeed and Monster. Once you start collecting applications, you can use the intuitive EHX ATS suite of tools to compare candidates you’re getting from each source and determine which one is sending you the best people. Learn more about our applicant tracking solutions.

I9 and E-Verify: Ensuring Proper Navigation for Hires and Employers

The I9 and E-Verify process is full of pitfalls and deadlines that can become confusing to navigate and remember, especially as your company grows in size. Not only do your potential employees need to accurately navigate the process, but now you the employer must do so as well. One misstep, and the entire on-boarding process can fall apart. Learn more about our I9 and Everify solutions.

HR Help Desk

HR is a mine field of legal compliance. Employers are at constant risk of both employee litigation and governmental compliance, with fines often starting in the tens of thousands of dollars and lawsuits going higher. Our Help Desk service offers employers the support they need to avoid legal and compliance issues before they occur. Learn More.