Workforce Planning Group can help you develop and maintain a globally competitive workforce. We've partnered with ExecuTrain to offer a course catalog of thousands of standard, off-the-shelf courses and comprehensive custom course development. Together with ExecuTrain, we have global delivery capabilities. We also specialize in the following offerings:

Strategic Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning Group has partnered with global business strategy company Marcus Evans to deliver comprehensive and practical training to organizations interested in gaining competitive advantage through a strategic workforce planning initiative. Click here to learn more.


We are an ETS© Preferred Network (EPN) partner for the TOEIC business English assessment. The TOEIC is the global standard in assessment of workplace English proficiency. Workforce Planning Group can support institutional assessment initiatives for employers hiring workers globally.


The TOEIC OLPC is the only online course created by ETS to prepare students at all levels for the TOEIC assessment. The OLPC is an affordable course with hundreds of hours of content. The OLPC is available in 3 units, beginning, intermediate, and advanced English proficiency levels. No course provides better preparation for the TOEIC assessment.


Workforce Planning Group has developed a unique 2-unit course in Business English. Designed specifically for intermediate and advanced proficiency non-native English speakers, our BE101 and BE102 courses help students achieve a high level of proficiency in English-speaking working environments. 

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