Assets@Work is a comprehensive enterprise asset provisioning and management application. Assets@Work ensures that employees have the material assets they need to do their job and allows employers to track all assets that have been deployed into the workforce.

With Assets@Work, employers can ensure that all workers have the assets they need to do their work, when they need them. And whether managing 100 employees or 100,000 employees, employers will know what assets employees have possession of at any time.

Asset provisioning is usually an onboarding activity, but Assets@Work is designed to support life cycle employee asset management: assets can be provisioned before and during an employee’s tenure.

Features of Assets@Work:

  • Manage all types of assets, tangible and intangible
  • Track unlimited assets
  • Configure unlimited asset custom attributes
  • Allows for employee self-provisioning assets
  • Custom requisition forms per asset
  • E-sign and submit requisitions forms
  • Full review and approval workflow
  • Asset delivery assignement
  • Custom asset receipt forms
  • Assets may require employee signature for receipt
  • Require employees to sign use policies for receipt
  • Full asset and employee reporting
  • Asset recall and recovery processes
  • Integrates with HR, ATS/Recruiting, and Onboarding systems

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