Strategic Workforce Planning

Workforce Planing Group was founded on the key principles of Strategic Workforce Planning: aligning the workforce to business strategy. It is our first and middle name, so to speak. Our consultants, with practical experience working in mid-sized to Fortune 100 HR environments, are uniquely qualified to help employers design, implement, and execute Strategic Workforce Planning initiatives.

Strategic Workforce Planning process diagram


Strategic Workforce Planning Initiative Development

Workforce Planning Group's consultants can design, develop, and manage an entire Strategic Workforce Planning initiative for organizations seeking to gain a competitive advantage through strategic workforce planning. From initial business strategy analysis through HR leadership training and development and to program implementation, evaluation, and continual process improvement, our consultants can help you ensure success from a SWP initiative.

SWP Initiative Advocacy and Ombudsmanship 

During implementation of the Strategic Workforce Plan Road Map, organizations my experience operational resistance. Workforce Planning Group's consultants can help anticipate and manage change throughout the organization by acting as independent advocates and ombudsmen for the SWP work product. Whether operational resistance is found at the executive level or throughout the workforce, our consultants can effectively communicate the operational benefits and strategic advantages of the SWP road map.

Workforce Analytics Research and Development

Few organizations have the benefit of possessing HRIS and dedicated workforce analytics resources. Our consultants can fill the gaps in this important step of the Strategic Workforce Planning methodology, speaking the language of HRIS, IT, and data management. Our consultants can extract and analyze large volumes of HR data, develop unique staffing models and forecasts, and help your SWP team make heads or tails of mountains of data.

Market Analysis and Research

A key component of the Strategic Workforce Planning initiative is to analyze and weigh external factors that currently and will influence the business's strategy. Our consultants have experience gathering and analyzing data from myriads of external sources, from governmental data to industry analysis. 

Strategic Workforce Planning Workshop Facilitation 

Team communications throughout the initiative is critical to the success of Strategic Workforce Planning. It's not practical to expect an organization first going through the process to possess the level of expertise to drive each step of the SWP methodology; this is where Workforce Planning Group's consultants can help. Our consultants can help manage each step of the process by facilitating workshops, ensuring communications are documented, solving unique hard-to-solve problems, and driving appropriate follow-up and implementation. 


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