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Whether improving or automating your employee onboarding process, maximizing your Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC), keeping your I-9’s and e-Verify perfectly compliant, or solving complex HR systems integration challenges, we are the best you can find.

Our consultants are true experts in their field. We’ve worked in Fortune 500 companies, built our own companies, and consulted with hundreds of companies around the world. We are ready to help you solve your HR and workforce management challenges.

For most HR departments, exporting-downloading-importing suffices as integrations. We build better, super-reliable, and truly automated integrations with rates starting at $50 an hour.

We don’t just build interfaces, we build true integrations. Onboarding is HR’s hub and spoke, and with 15+ years automating employee onboarding, we’ve learned how to integrate products. We use the infinite scalability and reliability of true cloud technology to build true integrations, not just interfaces. ATS to onboarding. Onboarding to HR. Onboarding to payroll. ATS to third party. We’ve seen them all and we can do them all.

With a blend of onshore and offshore resources, we offer the best of both worlds: enterprise-caliber resources at overall rates affordable even for small companies.

We offer rates that even small businesses can afford. Our team is made up of expert resources around the world, both stateside and offshore, and we have offices in the US, the Philippines, and Poland. And all we do is HR technology. The result is that you get an experienced, integrated team with the most competitive blended rates possible.